Below is a list of a few things we have achieved or still working on:

  • A nice meeting place called KD 11/13 GmbH Center for Cooperation and Inclusion located in Essen.
  • Quick job applications were created for those who were jobless.
  • Family celebrations, e.g. birthdays, marriages, »fourty days« ceremonies (after the death of a relative) etc. are supported.
  • A bank account is opened
  • Weekly coffee and games activities are on plan to be encouraged. Music equipment, TV and video, games like Ludo, »Draft« etc., African instruments, e.g. drums, are going to be provided by The Sierra Leone Community NRW e.V .
  • A healthy relationship between the Sierra Leone Embassy and The Sierra Leone Community NRW e.V. is secured.
  • A lawyer for The Sierra Leone Community NRW e.V. is going to be provided.
  • Organisation of very interesting parties, workshops, etc.
  • Good promotion strategies are adopted,relationship with the Germans order Nationalities and the German Government.
  • Nice identity cards are introduced to identify The Sierra Leone Community members.
  • Nice contribution books for all members to control contributions made by them in the Sierra Leone Community NRW e.V. for Transparency.
  • Educational Exchange between Sierra Leone and Germany.

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